Dartmouth Green Partnerships (Dartmouth in Bloom) is a charity (No.1164582). The aims are listed below.

1. To promote horticulture and floriculture for the benefit of the public generally and in particular those who live in or visit Dartmouth by the provision of floral displays, shrubs and landscapes in places visible to the public and through the conservation of the environment and community involvement.

2. To advance the education of the public in ecological sustainability, conservation, recycling and biodiversity.

DGP shall:

1. raise funds, receive grants and donations including from other charities

2. encourage the widest participation possible in all its activities

3. co-operate with organisations and individuals working towards the same purpose, and assist them where possible by providing information, skills and plants

4. develop public awareness and involve all sectors of the community through the promotion of participation in horticulturally based competitions and events.

5. purchase and grow plants and necessary associated horticultural sundries.

6. contribute to and encourage sustainable environmental improvements within the town by creating and maintaining appropriate plant displays to withstand climate change and reduce maintenance, improve wildlife, encourage recycling and water conservation

7. build and operate a community greenhouse for the benefit and education of all age groups, demonstrating horticultural excellence and sustainability principles

8. create planting displays which help improve the economy of Dartmouth by attracting visitors

9. assist in the conservation of historic landscapes and green spaces in and around Dartmouth


Dartmouth Green Partnerships (Dartmouth in Bloom) is a Registered Charity No. 1164582

It is a Chartered Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Further information See Contact us.